We are often reminded that satisfaction and happiness come from the little things in life. That relationships and success are determined by these little things. The words, the small acts that give meaning and value to us and others around us.

What about the heavy lifting? The big goals, dreams and desires that mean hard work, dedication and risk are required to attain success?

Many of us have become very good at appreciating and adding value to ourselves and others with those little important steps we take each day. One could argue that we have become so focused on taking these small important steps each day that we have forgotten to take a wider view. To consider those other things we can and should do. Those big steps, goals and changes. Those things that will add value for many and for generations.

And then, we have to ask. Who really determines the size of these things? Who decides that a short small act of kindness is any more difficult than that huge nagging goal we have tucked away in the back of our minds. Do we let fear decide?

We vote no. We say challenge us. We say ask for more. We say change your perspective so we can all see the fact that the big insurmountable task is really only as difficult and as possible as we have allowed it to be.

Think bigger.