In today’s economy many Canadian cities are booming and remaining competitive in the global economy means our country needs infrastructure. Infrastructure for moving people quickly and efficiently to their jobs, for accessing affordable housing and high quality communities and, infrastructure for maximizing our ability to enjoy our time. Canada has been criticised for lack of… [Read more…]

casting call

We are heading into production for our Crowdfunding campaign! This work includes the creation of a short video that will introduce the project to potential supporters. We are looking for people who may be interested in making an appearing in this video, this may be some of you who have passed along supporting comments and… [Read more…]


We are pleased with the ongoing progress and support HSBanff is gaining in terms of stakeholder and community relationships. We are hearing back from MLA’s, MP’s, municipalities and other stakeholders along the proposed route. These relationships are critical for achieving effective design and meaningful service from Calgary to Banff. The feedback we are receiving has… [Read more…]

red thread

Some places and people call to us, as if we become bound to these. Like a red thread of destiny regardless of time, place or circumstance. These places and people can call to our heart or call to something much deeper in the soul; a call to adventure that may lead to our hero’s journey…. [Read more…]


work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or CREATE something. We promised more information on our corporate governance, it is important that we emphasize the fact that we are starting to build the relationships necessary to support our proposed structure. As you will see our corporate structure and success depends on collaboration, collaboration between… [Read more…]