what’s next?

After a rewarding week in the news HSBanff focus shifts back to building foundations. We will continue to enjoy the discussions and feedback we are receiving from the public, media, businesses, politicians, and we want you to know we appreciate your ideas and support. We have had many favourite moments from our kick off last… [Read more…]


HSBanff would like to thank all the individuals, politicians and media representatives who contacted us last week following our first news release. The overwhelming positive support has been beyond our expectations and we look forward to fostering these relationships through our high speed rail project. A few questions arose that we will address in further… [Read more…]


Banff, Alberta May 16, 2014 — Today HSBanff announced plans to design construct and operate high speed rail from Calgary to Banff National Park. HSBanff plans include use of very high speed rail technology designed to operate at speeds up to 400km/h. Their mission is to be Canada’s first High Speed Rail providing service from… [Read more…]

Just the facts

Claim: no-one will ride the trains • Fact: It is impossible to measure something that doesn’t currently exist. • When asked which mode of transportation should be the highest transportation priority in Canada, 56 percent choose rail, which is more than 5 times any other means of transportation. Cars rank distant second at 11 per… [Read more…]

rail: a place in history

Canada has a long history with rail; construction of the transcontinental railway spurred the birth of Canada. In 1836 when the first public train began running between Saint Jean sur Richelieu and La Prairie near Montreal an extraordinary boom was triggered in every dimension of Canada’s growth. Have we moved beyond the need for passenger… [Read more…]