With urbanization and the concentration of our populations in dense hubs the traditional ‘american dream’ quickly becomes unrealistic. The ideal that we will all obtain a portion of land outlined by a white picket fence, two cars, 2 kids, 1 ride on mower, 1 bbq, and envious neighbor is out of reach for most. American… [Read more…]


For the last long weekend of summer Canadian’s and tourists hit the highways to reach a variety of awe inspiring destinations in our country. Enjoy the freedom; enjoy the sun and summer air before heading back to school and work. September is a full month for many people as we get back into routines and… [Read more…]

leverage knowledge and abilities

Our country is facing a decline in our capacity to leverage our knowledge and abilities to produce new goods and services. More simply, we lack focus on innovation and we are losing ground in productivity measures. This may not mean we are getting worse, possibly just standing still while other nations are becoming more competitive… [Read more…]

Big Things

We are often reminded that satisfaction and happiness come from the little things in life. That relationships and success are determined by these little things. The words, the small acts that give meaning and value to us and others around us. What about the heavy lifting? The big goals, dreams and desires that mean hard… [Read more…]

The part we had wrong

There was a shift in urban planning where freeways and streets were designed like waterways where vehicles could flow like water to their destination. This design concept would lead to development of large highways, freeways and interchanges and the conversion of an enormous amount of land to low value land for transportation use. What we… [Read more…]