keeping score

We have discussed the evidence showing that living near public transportation is a good decision. It saves you money, transportation is the 2nd largest household expense in Canada and taking public transit is cheaper than owing a car. Good public transportation, or the choice, makes people happier. No one likes being stuck in traffic. Money… [Read more…]


Change is the act or instance or making or becoming different. Generally speaking people have a difficult time with change and at times we even resist it. This resistance can come from loss of control, uncertainty, work, fear and a number of other factors. Change itself can cause discomfort but discomfort can be a very… [Read more…]

Dreams meet Gantt

When Gantt Charts meet Dream Boards Traditional thinking tells us there are generally two types of people, the thinker and the doer. Like many biases this idea implies that either one of these characters lacks the complete skillset, the full tool box to enact change. There are certainly times when we may prefer to spend… [Read more…]


In today‚Äôs economy many Canadian cities are booming and remaining competitive in the global economy means our country needs infrastructure. Infrastructure for moving people quickly and efficiently to their jobs, for accessing affordable housing and high quality communities and, infrastructure for maximizing our ability to enjoy our time. Canada has been criticised for lack of… [Read more…]

what’s next?

After a rewarding week in the news HSBanff focus shifts back to building foundations. We will continue to enjoy the discussions and feedback we are receiving from the public, media, businesses, politicians, and we want you to know we appreciate your ideas and support. We have had many favourite moments from our kick off last… [Read more…]