Just the facts

Claim: no-one will ride the trains • Fact: It is impossible to measure something that doesn’t currently exist. • When asked which mode of transportation should be the highest transportation priority in Canada, 56 percent choose rail, which is more than 5 times any other means of transportation. Cars rank distant second at 11 per… [Read more…]

rail: a place in history

Canada has a long history with rail; construction of the transcontinental railway spurred the birth of Canada. In 1836 when the first public train began running between Saint Jean sur Richelieu and La Prairie near Montreal an extraordinary boom was triggered in every dimension of Canada’s growth. Have we moved beyond the need for passenger… [Read more…]

Super Commuter

An increasing number Albertans fit into the “super commuter” category each year. The “Super Commuter” is a worker with an especially long commute of 145 km or more. Travelling great distances to work is no longer out of the ordinary. In Alberta we are aware of the all too common stories of commutes to Fort… [Read more…]

High speed rail and the environment

People are dependent on automobiles and planes for transportation. In some cases, like Banff, there are no transportation alternatives. If you want to visit Banff you get there on the highway. Integrated transportation systems help reduce carbon emissions and we feel everyone should be making responsible choices. We also know we can make this choice… [Read more…]