Change is the act or instance or making or becoming different. Generally speaking people have a difficult time with change and at times we even resist it. This resistance can come from loss of control, uncertainty, work, fear and a number of other factors. Change itself can cause discomfort but discomfort can be a very strong catalyst for change. “Change occurs when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing”

One of the best ways to initiate change is to gather people with similar problems together. When it comes to our time and travel we know people want change, we want an alternative to driving. We also know you we are not alone.

Dependence on cars continues to increase as populations grow and move around metropolitan areas. Widespread use of automobiles by workers commuting to work instead of use of public transit is a major factor in the traffic congestion affecting metropolitan areas. We all share this loss of time. In some cases, such as Banff, use of automobiles is the only option for reaching our destination. Whether commuting to work or travelling for leisure we suggest that these transportation issues cause discomfort.

Change has started here; and it grows with small changes in individual behavior such as a discussion about alternatives, a short walk or sharing this idea with a friend. If you want to be part of this it’s really quite simple, it starts by taking the time to imagine the outcome you want. Concentrate attention on a mental experience such as a relaxed train ride to work or an exciting train ride to Banff with friends. If you want a bigger piece of the pie, we are looking for change agents!

What is a change agent? These are unique people with creativity, drive and a proven track record of getting involved with new initiatives. These people are also adaptive and challenge outdated assumptions. Does this sound like you? If so you will want to sign up for our updates or send us an email. We already have a number of great people who have joined our project and we will need more. If you have a special skill or strength you would like to tell us about please include this information, we would love to hear from you.

We are asking for support because big change happens when people get involved, in fact people can achieve amazing things when a group of individuals get together with a common focus. We want to focus on a transportation alternative to support the ongoing enjoyment and beauty of Banff National Park.