work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or CREATE something.

We promised more information on our corporate governance, it is important that we emphasize the fact that we are starting to build the relationships necessary to support our proposed structure. As you will see our corporate structure and success depends on collaboration, collaboration between private and public sectors, between municipalities and federal bodies. Collaboration between you and me.

What is collaboration?

Collaboration is working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals. It is the process by which two or more people or organizations find a deep collective determination to reach a common objective by sharing knowledge, learning together and building consensus to reach that objective.

If you have been following along you can see from the information on our site that our goals are the preservation of time and protection of Banff National Park. An individual can certainly do these things, and in fact it takes every individual to do a small part. To achieve true significance, to maximize the positive impact, collaboration toward a common goal is critical where the hurdle that sits before us is bigger than you or me.

When we humans begin to think of tackling issues far larger than us, it is harder to conceive our ability to have impact, our ability to bring about change. And this is where some of us stop.

Collaboration requires leadership and a team. When we began building our team we started with individuals, with the public. We don’t have any secret alliances and don’t pursue any backroom deals. Our goals are here for everyone to see and as we build momentum and the collaborative relationships needed to reach success we will communicate these to you here. We have received feedback that our site does not contain a lot of detail. Stay with us, we are building something great in small steps.

If you view our ‘About’ page we have provided an update on corporate governance. With time these will be updated to include names and stakeholders.