When Gantt Charts meet Dream Boards

Traditional thinking tells us there are generally two types of people, the thinker and the doer. Like many biases this idea implies that either one of these characters lacks the complete skillset, the full tool box to enact change. There are certainly times when we may prefer to spend time in one area more than the other. Creating dreams and large ideas can be a lot of fun. Breaking these dreams and large ideas into the smaller manageable pieces required to see them reach reality can also be fun. And, a lot of work.

How does one do both? If you like steps, today we have a few to share. Blending a dreamer and a doer can be broken down into these three steps:

  1. Say Dreams Out Loud – maybe just to your cat, or to any person who will listen. Say them.
  2. Take Imperfect Action – a small step, a brave decision each day
  3. Let go – give your dreams and imperfect action room to grow. Not everything can be controlled.


What single brave decision do you need to make today?

For some of us the decision may be do I go to that job again today. For some of us the decision may be to make that small step toward one’s life purpose. For some of us that decision may be to stop the hurt. Each individual who takes on this challenge to make a brave decision each day contributes to a different tomorrow. Each small step, every small voice adds cumulatively to become significant change and a loud voice. This may be as simple deciding what dream to say out loud today.

HSBanff has a big dream; we have small manageable pieces and work to do. Today our small step, our single brave decision was to share this and say thank you to Jadah Sellner for these steps.

Say dreams out loud, take imperfect action and let go. Try it.