In our recent newsletter we asked for feedback on our proposed service through a short survey. After a strong response rate we wanted to share some of these survey results.
75% of respondents reported being “Extremely Interested” in high speed rail service from Calgary to Banff.
Respondents indicated “Usability” as the most important feature of this service that makes them want to purchase it. “Convenience” and “Efficiency” tied as the second most important features.
67% of respondents reported being “Extremely Likely” to use high speed rail service today instead of currently available competing services.
Respondents also said the service should be expanded to other markets and they dislike the length of time it will take to put this service in place.
Internationally high speed rail service is known for its social benefits, which stem from time savings, reliability, comfort and safety as well as from the reduction of congestion and accidents in alternative transportation modes. We also know the question is not whether people are in favor of constructing a high speed rail. The question is whether people would be willing to pay for these social benefits.
This question is still before us and we will begin to learn the answer through Crowdfunding.
What should you expect next? In the next few weeks we will be adding our Crowdfunding countdown timer to our site. Those receiving our newsletter will be provided advance information and special offers.
Stay with us!

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