HSBanff would like to thank all the individuals, politicians and media representatives who contacted us last week following our first news release. The overwhelming positive support has been beyond our expectations and we look forward to fostering these relationships through our high speed rail project.

A few questions arose that we will address in further communication in upcoming posts and in more detail as our upcoming newsletter is released.

One concern we would like to address today is HSBanff acceptance of donations. Our strategy depends on involvement from stakeholders, communities and individuals. There are a number of ways a company can generate the financing required to operate their business. In the start-up phases of business entrepreneurs often reach out for venture capital funding, angel investment and in today’s market Crowdfunding is a valuable resource for generating capital and support. Our website and social media platform are structured to communicate our objectives, build relationships and we plan to build trust with our supporters through this platform.

HSBanff is structured as a not-for-profit corporation. This entity is formed to fulfil a social purpose and a not-for-profit can make as much revenue as possible, as long as this revenue is used according to the organization’s stated goals. This revenue cannot be distributed to individuals in a private capacity. Within this structure HSBanff can trade assets, and will trade assets when larger funding objectives are necessary in support of construction and operation of the rail. These assets cannot be owned by an individual and the company itself is not owned by any individual. HSBanff finance and assets will be governed and run by a board to meet the stated objectives of our organization.

An added benefit of our not-for-profit structure is, in a safety critical environment, we are not susceptible to the pressures of shareholders and drive for profit that could potentially lead to compromised safety objectives.

Any donations made through our Crowdfunding campaign or directly through our website are used for the stated purpose of the corporation. To design, construct and operation high speed rail from Calgary to Banff National Park.

Thank you again for the support, if you are interested in receiving our newsletter please sign up with your email and we will keep you up to date.