to banff

Long weekend in Banff

For the last long weekend of summer Canadian’s and tourists hit the highways to reach a variety of awe inspiring destinations in our country.

Enjoy the freedom; enjoy the sun and summer air before heading back to school and work.

September is a full month for many people as we get back into routines and rediscover the benefits of work life. This is also a time where we can be faced with reminders that those problems we had last year are still there waiting for us. We can take a break and look the other way. When we come back issues we did not take steps to resolve will still be issues we face.

Summer in Canada is the peak for short quick trips, summer festivals, road trips and camping. September marks the end of our mountainous camping trips and dips in the turquoise lakes.

Back to the commute.

Ottawa bus grouping

Ottawa commute

There are patterns in these habits and at times history repeats itself. For the long weekends in summer the highways to Banff will be packed with people stopping in or continuing past our favourite town. This Tuesday the focus will shift and the 401 will be full of commuters, downtown Ottawa will be crammed with buses and our super-commuters will be back on the daily routine.

If you have time this year, while you sit in traffic, consider what step you could take this year to help change these patterns for next year. When you sit in your car on the 401 in a tightly pack line up of other cars, picture a train and a better use of your time. When you start that daily commute from the suburbs back to work; picture a train and a better use of your time.

When your municipality or provincial government proposes highway widening or ring roads as a solution, picture a train.

There are alternatives available to us. It requires a different answer, a change in the pattern, your participation. It requires involvement from people who can envision a different solution.


401 March 1958

Then again, maybe this idea isn’t so new or different.


Built on Rail