Canada has a long history with rail; construction of the transcontinental railway spurred the birth of Canada. In 1836 when the first public train began running between Saint Jean sur Richelieu and La Prairie near Montreal an extraordinary boom was triggered in every dimension of Canada’s growth. Have we moved beyond the need for passenger rail in Canada?
Today limited passenger rail service is still available on shared freight lines and limited routes. Since privatization of rail in Canada there has been a marked decrease in passenger ridership as Canada’s rail company’s focus primarily on freight service. We could suggest people don’t ride the train unless they can afford a very expensive vacation or they have no other way of reaching their destination.
Cars and planes have become our primary modes of passenger travel and as populations continue to increase the limits of this infrastructure are reached. This leads to major expansion projects such as the new parallel runway under construction at Calgary International Airport and proposed Highway 1 expansion between Calgary and Banff.
For long haul travel the most efficient and environmentally friendly mode to move large groups of people is by air travel. Our automobiles have taken a special place in our lives, often associated with fun, adventure, convenience and even identity. All modes of transportation are important and have their benefits; and, we believe in choice.
Rail still has a place in our everyday lives and can provide many benefits. Use of intermodal transportation where a variety of modes are used in combination to exploit the respective advantages or each mode poses a unique option for travellers. For example, where long haul flights are combined with regional rapid transit the transition between these modes of transportation provides a seamless interconnection for reaching a destination.
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Rail still has an important place in Banff.
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