Some places and people call to us, as if we become bound to these. Like a red thread of destiny regardless of time, place or circumstance.

These places and people can call to our heart or call to something much deeper in the soul; a call to adventure that may lead to our hero’s journey. A call often refused.

A journey into the rocky mountains for the first time is like that first kiss, a memory that never leaves our mind. The adventures here, the dreams realized, relationships built, fears faced. These become little threads that hold life’s patches of meaning together.

Some places and people touch so many more lives than others and create so many more threads; they can become so popular that their importance and fragility become forgotten. We can take for granted these things that are forged in stone and rooted so deep they appear immoveable and these people who appear strong with endless ability to give.

All these strings begin to form a rope of commitment, thousands of tiny threads that link all of us to these places of destiny. Places that have given and continue to give to us so much meaning.

We should consider that maybe all of these threads, thousands of tiny threads, together have weight and can potentially have impact. These little threads stretch and tangle as we move through life but they never break. They continue to call to us.

Sometimes we need to answer.