In today’s economy many Canadian cities are booming and remaining competitive in the global economy means our country needs infrastructure. Infrastructure for moving people quickly and efficiently to their jobs, for accessing affordable housing and high quality communities and, infrastructure for maximizing our ability to enjoy our time.

Canada has been criticised for lack of a national transit strategy that has left many commuters at major metropolitan areas stuck in congestion. A quick review of transit projects federally funded by Transport Canada shows support of transportation needs across Canada with projects such as the $2.1 Billion Canada Line completed in 2009, the $2.6 Billion Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension that is still in progress today and a handful of other projects across Canada. Our country currently has a focus on regional transportation improvements with ongoing investment.

If we are waiting for the federal government to provide transit funding for capital and ongoing operating needs of these transit systems we will be waiting a long time. The needs outweigh the ability to deliver a solution for everyone.

There is opportunity in this.

It provides an excellent opportunity for a private company to get involved, particularly in situations where the transit needs are not only defined by the need of the tax payer base. What do we mean? When prioritizing transportation needs across the country the needs and population will support government expenditures in Toronto before expenditures based on the needs and population in Banff. If we change the focus away from the taxpayer base, or permanent population and focus on the market it becomes evident that there is a very healthy market in Banff for fast and efficient transportation.

We are saying we should not wait for federal funding, and we can’t expect the permanent population in Banff to fund transportation for the millions of people who come to visit each year. Let’s support progress today.

In today’s market investors are being encouraged to add infrastructure investments to their portfolios. With the government focus on massive regional infrastructure spending to support economic growth it appears to be a solid future investment opportunity. This is a headlining investment trend today, one that should provide good returns. Before you invest you may want to consider where that infrastructure improvement will be made, you may want to target your investment more accurately so that you not only benefit from the return on investment but also benefit from the infrastructure.

In today’s market, every dollar we spend is a vote.