With urbanization and the concentration of our populations in dense hubs the traditional ‘american dream’ quickly becomes unrealistic. The ideal that we will all obtain a portion of land outlined by a white picket fence, two cars, 2 kids, 1 ride on mower, 1 bbq, and envious neighbor is out of reach for most.

American media now reports “The American Dream Is Alive and Well – in Canada”

This dream drives urban sprawl and develops pressure on the transportation infrastructure that typically does not keep pace with development of new neighborhoods. These facts will leave us sitting alone in our new car in traffic. At least until the highway can be expanded.

People living in these major cities have generated new trends in recent years. These Trends have been labelled a sharing culture. This culture means shared ownership, lending and giving is a fundamental value. This culture runs far deeper that simply fad or alternative living, for many people living in dense urban centres, collective ownership is a physical and economic reality. Necessity.


We agree that there is no perfect solution for everyone and choice is critical. The main concern we have in our urban centres is the lack of choice. In most cases there simply is not an alternative to driving. There must be choice.

A lot of alternatives would mean people would share. Share a seat on a train, share a story on your commute, share a coffee with friends.

Or, have we forgotten how to share?