An increasing number Albertans fit into the “super commuter” category each year. The “Super Commuter” is a worker with an especially long commute of 145 km or more. Travelling great distances to work is no longer out of the ordinary.

In Alberta we are aware of the all too common stories of commutes to Fort McMurray; and we may all know someone making the regular commutes between Calgary and Edmonton for work. And what about those who travel from Banff and Canmore to Calgary each day?

A quick search on the web and you can easily find blog posts and forum exchanges on the perils of these long commutes. Themes begin to form around the discussions of it being “time-consuming”, “sacrificing sleep” and “an expensive option”. Then there’s those snowstorms and driving with the sun in your eyes every day for 3 months, twice per year.

Alternatives you say?

We could move closer to work, give up the mornings of waking up in the mountains with that wonderful morning air. Drive to the ski hills on the weekends instead of long distances to work every day, but then we also sacrifice the mountain bike ride or hike after work every day. Try chartering a helicopter.

We have a better idea. Ride our train.

Join us; if your community is interested speak up. We can help you have your cake, and eat it too.