After a rewarding week in the news HSBanff focus shifts back to building foundations. We will continue to enjoy the discussions and feedback we are receiving from the public, media, businesses, politicians, and we want you to know we appreciate your ideas and support.

We have had many favourite moments from our kick off last week; one continues to be the poll CBC asked you to participate in. This poll now has over 2500 votes and the results are encouraging. What it says to us, and what many individuals have said to us, is that our vision is good enough to continue pursuing. We are committed to pursuing high speed rail from Calgary to Banff.

CBC Poll

What can you expect next? Our primary focus will now become communicating our governance structure and reaching out to representatives who need to be involved in planning of this project. After the HSBanff governance model has been released we will be releasing announcements for further fundraising, including our Crowdfunding Campaign.

We have a few exciting ideas that we are working on and if you have joined our “get involved” team you will receive advance information and the opportunity to influence some of the upcoming projects we have underway.

We have had a significant number of professionals and individuals volunteering to participate in our project. If we have not spoken with you yet we will be in touch in the very near future. Our plans include recruiting participants and employees through the life of this project using LinkedIn. If you have not found us there yet make sure you make a point of coming back to it again in the future. There may be an opportunity to be involved that is perfect for you.

It’s not what we do, but why we do it that separates our project from the others. HSBanff is about your time and Banff National Park; both scarce and valuable resources that cannot be replaced.

We have made our fundraising intentions visible to everyone and also want you to know this is not only about money. The best way to support this project is by spreading the word, if you think it’s a good idea and if you feel it’s something you want to see realized tell your family, tell your friends and share!